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Here are two examples where implants were necessary, along with other cosmetic treatments. Where teeth are missing, they were replaced with  implants or implant supported bridges.

Patient Case Study #1

The colour of the teeth and the discolouration of the old dental work made it necessary to restore all the teeth.

A close up of the upper teeth. The previous metal containing crowns and bridges were replaced with metal free, and the colour was lightened to what our patient wanted.

Implants were used to replace the lower missing teeth and crowns to build up all the worn teeth.

A close up of the lower teeth. The missing teeth were replaced with implant supported crowns and bridges and the colour lightened to match the upper teeth.

Patient Case Study #2

Another example of extreme wear, showing how restoring the teeth gives a much more youthful appearance.

All of the missing teeth were replaced with implant supported crowns and bridges. The worn lower teeth were all crowned. It is very rare that we cannot save a tooth these days.

The upper teeth showing the wear. The darker yellow colour is where all the enamel was worn off exposing the inner dentin of the tooth. An amazing dental makeover!

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