Dental implants are important for not only creating a natural smile to fill in missing teeth, but also to help ensure a healthy bone structure. A gap left from a missing tooth may affect other teeth by causing them to shift or be misaligned. Missing teeth may cause you to experience difficulty speaking or eating. Many adults experience tooth loss in their lives, either from injury or decay, and dental implants can be the right choice in most situations. At Apple Dental Implant Centre, we can examine you and provide you with information and qualified advice on whether any of the different types of dental implants would be right for you.

There are many different types of dental implantsIf you have gaps in your smile from tooth loss, or don’t want the hassle or discomfort of dentures anymore, dental implants can be a great solution. With a permanent, natural smile that is gap-free, your daily brushing and flossing can be done much more effectively to provide you with positive solutions for good oral health maintenance. Without gaps from missing teeth, you can enjoy a great, natural smile as well as a stronger supportive foundation for tooth and gum health. Many denture wearers ask us about dental implants as a more natural looking option. Most dentures, whether full or partial, don’t look as natural as dental implants.

If our dental implant professionals find that dental implants are right for you, a bone graft done in-office at Apple Dental Implant Centre will prepare your mouth for the implants. Contact our team to learn more dental implants today!