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Restore your Smile and Get Your Bite Back!

Apple Dental Implant Centre in Vancouver welcomes patients of all ages and we understand that our elderly patients have different oral health needs and require a different oral health care system than adolescents, infants or younger adults. Elderly patients are...

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The 5 Most Common Ways to Break A Tooth

Tooth enamel is the strongest material in the human body, but your teeth are still subject to cracks and breaks. Learn the facts from our dental health experts and come into Apple Dental Implant Centre in as soon as possible if you have a damaged tooth. If you break...

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Why Are Dental Implants Better?

Why do people get dental implants? If you lost a tooth because your dentist had no choice but to extract it, would you rather live your life without it? Knowing that you have the option to have it replaced and the replacement looks a lot like the natural teeth that...

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A Convenient One-stop Dental Implant Location

From single tooth replacement, to full-mouth replacement, our team at Apple Dental Implant Centre use techniques and technologies, all available in-house, to provide you with your new permanent teeth.

Dental Implants

Single, Multiple, Full Arch Fixed Prosthesis, Implant Over Dentures.

Oral Surgery

Our team of clinicians can offer preventative therapy, diagnosis and treatment of a host of conditions that require oral surgery.

Sedation Services

Sedation services for patients who need help in feeling relaxed and comfortable.

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We provide clear and consistent pricing, starting at just $999.